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Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack #1) by Shelly Laurenston

Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack, #1)

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

What's an Alpha Male to do when he meets the Alpha Female of his dreams? Step one, hide all sharp objects. All Zach Sheridan ever wanted was to become Alpha Male of his Pack and be left alone. What he definitely didn't need in his life was some needy female demanding his attention. What he never saw coming was the vicious, scarred female who not only demanded his attention but knew exactly how to get it. 

Sara Morrighan knew this was the best she could expect from her life. Good friends. A nice place to live. And a safe job. But when Zach rode into her small Texas town with his motorcycle club, Sara knew she wanted more. She knew she wanted him. But after one sexy encounter with her dream biker, everything is starting to change. Her body. Her strength. That new thing she's doing with the snarling. Even her best friends are starting to wonder what's going on with her. But this is only the beginning. Sara's about to find out her life was meant for so much more. And Zach's about to find true love with the one woman who makes him absolutely insane. 

The book has been previously published and expanded for Samhain Publishing. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and strong violence.


I give Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston 4/5 stars for having some of the best dialogue I have read so far.

Pack Challenge is definitely an alpha book for sure; male alphas, female was definitely alpha galore! 

Pack Challenge review: 

Sara Morrighan doesn’t live an easy life. Orphaned by her parents at an early age, Sarah was sentenced to live with her insane, paranoid, gun-wielding grandmother. If only that was the worst of Sara’s problems. Having barely survived the animal attack that took her father’s life, Sara must wear the scars across one-side of her face and leg, which bring her enormous pain and a none to flattering limp. Though, there is a bright-light or two in Sara’s life; her two crazy best friends, Miki and Angelina, who would do just about anything to protect her. However, when the Pride comes to Texas looking for retribution for the crimes Sara’s parents committed against them, Sara will need more than her friends to help her. The help Sara needs, unbenounced to her, is in the shape of Zacharias Sheridan, or just Zach for short. 

Zach Sheridan is ready to be pack leader. He has the strength, motivation, capabilities, and the permission of the pack alpha when he steps down. The only problem is that the current alpha female is bent on keeping her position and power no matter what. For that reason, Zach finds himself in the small nowhere town located in Texas. His explanation for being there is the beautiful, insane girl he just can’t keep out of his thoughts. Of course this is a terrible thing since Zach had ridden off the idea of family. 

I think I’ll leave to Zach to further explain his exact feelings on the topic:

“He decided he wanted to be Alpha Male . . . He didn’t want kids. He’d be more than happy to let the other Pack mates breed and then raise their little whelps to take over when he was too old or tired to hold the leash. But every wolf female he’d met wanted to breed their mate’s kid. So, Zach had decided, any mate he chose would be fixed.”


Yes. I would recommend Pack Challenge for any reader looking for a good shape-shifter book. 


I seem to be in a great debate with the rating I give for novels I read lately. I blame it on becoming such an analytical reader now. Having said that, the only reason Pack Challenge received a 4 star rating from is is solely on the crude language used multiple times throughout the entire novel. I am in no way an innocent reader. Profanity and crude sexual terms don’t faze me at all. On the other hand, in Pack Challenge, I think it just became too much and started to rub me the wrong way after a while. I understand that these are how the characters speak, which is perfectly okay, but for some scenes I felt it was overwhelming; mainly the sex scenes.

Breathe (Sea Breeze #1) by Abbi Glines


Breathe by Abbi Glines

Sadie White's summer job isn't going to be on the beach life-guarding or working at rental booths like most kids her age. With her single mother's increasing pregnancy and refusal to work, Sadie has to take over her mother's job as a domestic servant for one of the wealthy summer families on a nearby island.

When the family arrives at their summer getaway, Sadie is surprised to learn that the owner of the house is Jax Stone, one of the hottest teen rockers in the world. If Sadie hadn't spent her life raising her mother and taking care of the house she might have been normal enough to be excited about working for a rock star.

Even though Sadie isn't impressed by Jax's fame, he is drawn to her. Everything about Sadie fascinates Jax but he fights his attraction. Relationship's never work in his world and as badly as he wants Sadie, he believes she deserves more. By the end of the summer, Jax discovers he can't breathe without Sadie.

But can their love overcome the disparity in their lifestyles? Or will they have to learn how to breathe again?


I give Breathe by Abbi Glines, 4/5 stars for having such adorable characters and reminding how exciting first love is. 

Breathe Review:

When Saddie White finished school for the summer, she had planned to only work half-time as hired help for the rich alongside her mother, Jessica White. However, when Jessica declares herself too pregnant to work this summer, Saddie is forced to take over her job and work full time to support the both of them. Lucky enough, Saddie finds she truly enjoys her new summer job. From the warm hospitality of her fellow staff members to the new friends she has required, having never had time for friends before, everything seems to be heading in the right direction for her. That is until the owner of the summer home she is employed at, Jax Stone, shows up and turns Saddie’s world completely upside down. If falling in love with the person who signs her check every week isn’t bad enough, Jax is also the infamous rock-star heartthrob. 

When I first finished reading Breathe, I struggled to determine a fair rating. Though, I truly enjoyed the many aspect of this novel, there was one character in particular, for better terms, I wanted to strangle to death every time he/she showed up. I always favor the novels that bring out the intense emotions for me. However, in this case, I wished Saddie would have stood up to this character more frequently. Instead, I felt as though she promoted such poor behavior. For such a strong independent girl, I was shocked that she was so weak in this scenario.

How was that for indiscreet? 

Moving on...

Breathe was like a breath of fresh air on a warm summer evening. Yes, the story took place during the summer time but what I meant by that statement was that with most of the YA genre filled with immaturity and unnecessary drama, I was relieved that Saddie was so mature and grown-up. Due to her mother’s current state, Saddie was forced to become the sole provider for her family. She had responsibilities that couldn’t afford be sidetracked even during the hardest parts of her life. Since this is the case, I admired Saddie because I’m not sure many couldn’t walk in her shoes. 

One of my favorite scenes in the novel is when Jax offers to pay all of Saddie’s bills and she denies him. Here is the passage: 

“Tomorrow, will you go deep sea fishing with me?”

I faltered at his question. I worked every day but Sunday, he knew my hours.

“I still have a job,” I reminded him.

Jax frowned and shook his head. “You’re not still going to work for me.”

I stiffened.

“Jax, I have to work. If you don’t want me here, I have to go find another job.”

He placed a finger over my lips and shook his head. “No, I’ll take care of your bills and needs.”

I stepped back away from his arms. My stomach clenched. I would not be like my mother. I didn’t need a man to take care of me. He wasn’t going to pay me to spend time with him. I took a deep breath hoping I could explain this so he understood.

“Jax, listen, it is important to me that I earn my own money. I can’t be paid to spend time with you because it would make it cheap somehow. I want to be with you. There should be no money involved. I need to be an equal, and as crazy as it sounds, the only way I can hope to achieve that in any way is to work for the money I earn. Please, I enjoy working with Ms. Mary and Mr. Greg and even Marcus. I could go somewhere else if you don’t want me working for you, but I really like it here.” 

Saddie had the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful summer with her new love without the stress of working and paying bills. Yet, Saddie refused to allow herself to give up all her beliefs and become solely independent of her boyfriend just because it was the easy way out. 


Yes. Breathe by Abbi Glines was very enjoyable and definitely a summer read for sure. 

For others looking for a comparison to other novels, I feel as though Breatheis the YA version of the novel Love Unscripted. Both deal heavy on the advantages/disadvantages of fame. 

Breathe and crtics:

Critics of this novel have sentenced it to a two star rating and below due to complaints such as corniness, unreal situations, and being too happy all the time. To that I say, um…it’s a fictional novel. Yeah there are some corny lines but isn’t that how first loves are? I remember specifically saying all kinds of cheesy things to my boyfriend when I was young. From, “you are the reason I wake up every day,” to “I believe every person on earth is born with half of themselves and they aren’t fully complete unless they meet our other half and become whole.” As for unreal, well, I will probably never meet a rock star teenage and fall hopelessly in love with him. It’s fictional and supposed to be a chance to experience a life that you or I will never have.

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Love Unscripted (Love #1) by Tina Reber

Love Unscripted (Love, #1)

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an actor. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that accepting a role in an unknown film would toss his career into overdrive. His new fame has cost him dearly; anonymity is no longer an option. His fans stalk him, the paparazzi hound him, and Hollywood studios all want a piece of him. Despite all of that, Ryan Christensen craves the most basic of human needs - to have love in his heart and privacy in his life.

Taryn Mitchell, the story's protagonist, is a realist. She's been feigning contentment, running the family pub in Seaport, Rhode Island, while quietly nursing her own internal heartaches. Her feet are fairly glued to the ground and she doesn't buy into all the hype that has descended on her tiny, coastal town. In her world, men are safe if they're kept at a distance.

Fate has other plans for these two when their paths cross one sunny afternoon. A group of female fans has attacked him, leaving his shirt torn, his face cut, and Ryan in obvious distress. Bonds between them form from the most dramatic of circumstances while jealousy, insecurity, and the stress of his celebrity life try to tear them apart.

Through all the tabloid lies, secrecy, and pressure, can Taryn's peace and Ryan's high-profile insanity live together in harmony? 


**Spoilers have been hidden in white. No need to fret. (just scroll over the white area to see spoiler text)**

After some careful deliberation, I decided to give Love Unscripted by Tina Reber 4.5/5 stars for being both more than entertaining and opening my eyes to the some of the terrible conditions celebrity’s these faces go through. 

My thoughts on Love Unscripted :

When I first read the synopsis for Love Unscripted, I knew this was the novel for me. Having just returned to contemporary romance novels, after a long and never boring journey in all things supernatural, Love Unscripted was, for better words, a nice breath of fresh air and normalcy. Not to say the journey that Taryn and Ryan embark on in this novel is anything but normal.

Review of Unscripted Love:

In the past year, Taryn Mitchell, a 27 year old bartender and owner of Mitchell’s Pub from Seaport, Rhode Island, has had her shares of more heart break and loss than any sane person could withstand. Between losing her father to a massive heart attack and catching her ex-fiancĂ© with another woman in his bed, Taryn thought she finally got her life back on track and heading in the right direction. 

As the owner of a successful bar in town as well as a share holder in the winery business, Taryn is more than financial stable. The only thing missing in her life is a man. However, after her past failed relationships, Taryn has sentenced herself to the life of being single to protect her heart. 

That was until famous and heartthrob Seaside actor Ryan Christensen literally storms through the front doors of her Pub to escape the rabid fans closely chasing after him. Now, Taryn finds herself drawn to Ryan in a way she has never experienced with any men in her life. However, after a lifetime of dealing with heartbreak and infidelity, is Taryn prepared to begin a relationship with such a public figure, who has many opportunities to do just what she fears? 


Holy cow YES (sorry for the excitement)! Despite the hefty page length ofUnscripted Love, and yes this scared me as well at first, this novel is beyond all expectations. There is quite a lot of steaming love scenes, humorous banter, joy and heartbreak. There are even moments where I seriously wanted to strangle the heroine and hero. Still, I really enjoyed the epic journey that this novel brought and I’m counting down the days until Love Unrehearsed. If I count write, it should be around 43 days, 6 weeks, 1038 hours, 62337 minutes and 3740204 seconds (give or take a couple seconds) until the release of   Love Unrehearsed.

You may ask, why Heather did you give Love Unscripted 4.5/5 stars? Well... 


though I completely adored this novel, it tended to get a bit repetitive. There were times I felt Taryn and Ryan were having the same conversation over and over again. Still, I can't completely knock the book apart for this (hence the .5 rating off). I mean, don't we all feel like we're having the same arguments with our own boyfriends? So, very realistic I presume. 



Fun scenes I felt needed to be included in my review to further enhance the awesomeness of Love Unscripted. 

“How much money do you think I could make from all these women who want to have sex with me?”

“Billions!” I quickly replied.

“Really? Help me drag a mattress out into the front yard. You can sell lemonade and I’ll just fuck people all day!” he cackled. 

Nick made me jump slightly when he gasped loudly. “Tell the limo driver to stop. We have to kick Taryn out. It says right here she’s just using my brother for sex.”

Ryan sat up quickly. “That’s true! She forces me to…” He covered his eyes with the champagne bottle and pretended to cry, slumping back into the seat. “All the time!” he wailed. “And she beats me too! She says ‘you get naked and get in that bed or I’ll give you something to really cry about mister.’ I mean, I’m only human. I’m not a machine.”

“Janelle beats me all the time,” Nick cried. “I feel so used.”

“You wish!” she laughed.

“I don’t know about you Janelle, but if I have to pick up his dirty socks and underwear I want something in return!” I defended.

“I know!” she agreed. “The Christensen scent sure doesn’t smell like roses.”

“Hey, we take pride in our scent!” Ryan argued.

“If your fans only knew…” I replied. “Maybe they wouldn’t be standing so close to our doors.”

“I thought your fans were too busy kissing their Seaside pillowcases to travel all the way to Rhode Island,” Janelle teased.

“Go ahead and laugh, Janelle. I’m laughing all the way to the bank.”

“Pillowcases?” I questioned. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“And bed sheets! Now girls all around the globe can sleep with Charles at night!” Janelle laughed.

“I dry humped my Charles pillow just last night,” Nick chortled, making obscene gestures.

Ryan threw the champagne cork at him. I gathered Ryan didn’t like that last dig, because Ryan threw the cork with some force. Nick flinched away, smiling.

“I used the real Ryan Christensen as a sex toy last night,” I whispered in Ryan’s direction, trying to keep him in a good mood.

Ryan gave me a high-five and winked at me. “Damn straight! And then I sprayed you with my personal scent to keep the other animals away!”


Easy by Tammara Webber


Easy by Tammara Webber

When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice, the last thing she expects is a breakup. After two weeks in shock, she wakes up to her new reality: she’s single, attending a state university instead of a music conservatory, ignored by her former circle of friends, stalked by her ex’s frat brother, and failing a class for the first time in her life.

Her econ professor gives her an email address for Landon, the class tutor, who shows her that she’s still the same intelligent girl she’s always been. As Jacqueline becomes interested in more from her tutor than a better grade, his teasing responses make the feeling seem mutual. There’s just one problem—their only interactions are through email.

Meanwhile, a guy in her econ class proves his worth the first night she meets him. Nothing like her popular ex or her brainy tutor, Lucas sits on the back row, sketching in a notebook and staring at her. At a downtown club, he disappears after several dances that leave her on fire. When he asks if he can sketch her, alone in her room, she agrees—hoping for more.

Then Jacqueline discovers a withheld connection between her supportive tutor and her seductive classmate, her ex comes back into the picture, and her stalker escalates his attention by spreading rumors that they’ve hooked up. Suddenly appearances are everything, and knowing who to trust is anything but easy.


I give Easy by Tammara Webber 5/5 stars for being completely enthralling and making me question my own standards for future novels. 

Easy Disclaimer: 

Nobody is more surprised with my 5/5 star rating then me. Why you might ask? Oh well, because I seriously told myself I would stop reading this novel four times. 

However, I’m so glad I continued reading because Easy is now one of my favorite novels of the year.

Easy Review: 

When Jacqueline Wallace’s boyfriend of three years, Kennedy Moore, is accepted to the college of his dreams, she feels no other choice but to come with him. After all, she can major in Music just about anywhere so what is the point in going to another college without said boyfriend? All things seem to go perfect for the first year of college however a quarter through their sophomore year, the thrill of being in a fraternity around beautiful sorority girls proves to be too much for our dear Kennedy. Figuring he should probably get his ‘flirtatious’ side out of his system now while he is still young and able to take chances, Kennedy breaks things off with Jacqueline.

Jacqueline, none to please at being discarded by her boyfriend for such a ridiculous reason (my opinion), must now adjust to her newly single status and learn to live how to live without her ex-boyfriend for who she gave everything up for. 

One of the reasons I wanted to read this novel so badly was because, like Jacqueline, I too decided to follow the path of my boyfriend to college. However, unlike Jacqueline, my boyfriend did not dump me to pursue other girls (thankfully). 

Still the prospect of making such a commitment to your boyfriend as to go to a college of his dreams and then having it backfire like that is extremely depressing. 

Why did you stop reading those four times? 

I wasn’t connecting with the protagonist as much as I hoped to? The writing wasn’t to my approval? Lucas was so darn sexy I just couldn’t take it anymore? Okay, maybe not the last excuse though I can guarantee Lucas is a bonafide sex-god. The truth was that I just wasn’t getting into the storyline and characters. The four times I did quit happened in the first five chapters. Though, I have never been more relieved by my obsession to finish every book I read no matter what because the rest of this story was beyond amazing. 


Absolutely! Though I didn’t agree with the first few chapters, it was worth it in the end to stick with the Easy . Lucas is by far one of my favorite love interests and I look forward as using him as a model to all other books I read in the future.