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Magic at the Gate (Allie Beckstrom #5) by Devon Monk

Magic at the Gate (Allie Beckstrom, #5) 

Magic at the Gate by Devon Monk

Allie Beckstrom's lover, Zayvion Jones, is a Guardian of the Gate, imbued with both light and dark magic and responsible for ensuring that those energies don't mix. But Zayvion lies in a coma, his soul trapped in death's realm. And when Allie discovers that the only way to save Zayvion is to sacrifice her very own magical essence, she makes a decision that may have grave consequences for the entire world.
**Spoilers have been hidden in white. No need to fret. (just scroll over the white area to see spoiler text)**

I give Magic at the Gate 3/5 stars for being entertaining but lacking certain parts that make this series worth reading. 

Disclaimer about review: 

Quick review because I didn’t enjoy Magic at the Gate as much as the prior ones. I blame a certain missing character who I adore so much.

It would kill me to write a negative review for this amazing series so I’m going to keep it short. 


Magic at the Gate (short but hopefully sweet spoiler): 

If you have read Magic on the Storm, which you probably have, you are aware of the serious cliff hanger at the end. Well, Magic at the Gate picks up right where Magic on the Storm leaves off. Allie, Stone and her lovely father are in for quite a trip in the death realm to find a very important lost soul. 

As I mentioned before, I didn’t really connect with this novel. Though Allie, her father, Stone and the infamous Shamus have returned for another crazy save-the-world-or-everyone-dies journey, I felt it lacked the some of the qualities I loved about this series. 

My main point and a HUGE spoiler: 




To continue this review would consist of something along the lines of me saying, “blah, blah, blah I missed this character, blah, blah, blah why did he/she have to return the last few pages? So I will just stop now.


Even though I didn’t see eye-to-eye with Magic at the Gate, I would absolutely recommend it. Magic at the Gate really sets the reader up for Magic on the Hunt, which will probably have tons of major kick-a** action. I’m totally psyched now especially because my favorite character does return, you know, the one complained about not being in Magic at the Gate

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